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Welcome to QueenVillage!

Our Mission

Empower black women to be successful and reach their optimal life goals by way of engagement in interactive forums centered on positive self-image, wellness, professional development and sisterhood as exemplified in our “Village-minded” network. 

"Where a woman rules, streams run uphill" - Ethiopian Proverb

Meet the Women Behind Our Village

"Behind every strong woman, there is a TRIBE of strong women who have her back"

Co-Founder, Crystal D. Charley-Sibley

Professional Development & Image Consultant

"Your professional image should be an organic blend of who you are what you strive to achieve” 

– Crystal D. Charley-Sibley, MBA

Co-Founder, Dr. April M. Piercy

Mental Health & Wellness

"Tranquility brings balance to your Mind, Body & Soul and possessing this balance can exuded internal and external strength."- April M. Piercy, PhD.

"You're either at the table or on the menu!"


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